CFNZ National Conference Presentations

Many CFNZ Conference presentations are available to view on YouTube. These clips are ‘unlisted’ on Youtube and are only accessible via our website and by clicking on the links below.

Year 2017 – Anything is Possible

Cystic Sisters Kristie Purton and Nikki Reynolds-Wilson video welcome to the 2017 Cystic Fibrosis Conference. Click here.

CFNZ Board Member Warwick Murray – Official Opening of the Conference. Warwick is presenting   CFNZ Board Chair Jane Drumm’s address. Click here.

Keynote Address – Rob Hamill, olympian and motivational speaker, inspiring presentation about how Anything is Possible. Click here.

Science in Summary – Dr Cass Byrnes – Associate Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine (ADHB) and Prof. Iain Lamont – Professor of Biochemistry (Otago University)
present new NZ research developments. Click here.

Fiona Leighton – Dietitian Paediatric (CDHB), Encouraging nutritional compliance in children and adults. Click here.

Dr Chris Tua – Director / Nurse Consultant, Pumahara Consultants. Managing the stresses of everyday life. Click here.

Cross Infection in the Real World – Panel Discussion. Paediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist, Otago University, Viv Isles, Clinical Nurse Specialist (CDHB), Melissa Skene Parent and Chair of CFNZ Canterbury Branch & Alana Taylor, PWCF. Click here.

Personal Story – Falloon  Earl of Blenheim’s presentation with her mother Karen Gill on living life with CF.  Click here.

Year 2016

Day 1

Professor Cass Burns – Associate Professor, Auckland University. An overview of CF Research in NZ. Click here

Dr Paul Hofman – Improving the Management of CF-Related Diabetes. Click here

Trish Goulter – Christchurch Hospital Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist – How to manage urinary incontinence. Click here

Ask the Experts Panel – Starship CF Nurse Specialist Jan Tate, Wellington Dietitian Katherine Stern,  Paediatric Physiotherapist Rebecca Scoones, Starship Paediatrician Dr Mirijana Jaksic, Christchurch Hospital Senior Physiotherapist Trish Goulter & Starship Dietitian Jenny Heyward. Click here

Day 2

Lung Transplant Panel – led by Auckland Respiratory Physician Dr Mark O’Carroll and features personal accounts by Katherine Fraser and Troy Stapleton. Click here

Dr Guy Gudex – Medical Director of fertility clinic, Repromed, Auckland. Click here

Dr Jonathan Bishop – Starship Paediatric Gastroenterologist. Good Bowel Health Through the Ages. Click here

Transition Panel – From School to Tertiary to Work. Click here

Alex McKay – Personal Story,  Graduate. Click here

Year 2015

Day 1

1. Welcome to CFNZ National Conference 2015 – CFNZ Chief Executive Belinda Burnett. Click here

2. Official Opening – Deputy Labour Leader and Spokesperson for Health Annett King. Click here

3. Keynote address: How technology can empower your child with CF – Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Click here

See presentation document:How technology can empower your child with CF How technology can empower your child with CF

4. Pharmaceutical panel – Open forum to ask anything about drugs/devices and what’s in the future.  Click here

Featuring: Cass Byrnes – Auckland Hospital, EBOS – Philippa Williams, PARI – Wieland Paul, Pharmac Medical Director – Dr John Wyeth

5. Know your enemy – Bugs, biofilms and how to battle them. Featuring Dr Stephen McBride (Middelmore Hospital, Dr Mirjana Jaksic (Starship Children’s Hospital). Click here

See presentation document: Know your enemy – Bugs, biofilms and how to battle them

6. Finances – Planning for an uncertain future – Steve Waring, Kiwifirst. Click here

7. Encouraging Compliance – In teenagers and young adults – Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Click here

See presentation document: Encouraging compliance in teenagers and young adults

8. Cardio vs bulking up with weights and training supplements – are they good for you? Featuring Tory Crowder, Adult CF Dietitian, Canterbury District Health Board. Trish Goulter, Senior Physiotherapist, Canterbury District Health Board. Click here

9. Lung Transplant Story – Will Polson, PWCF. Click here

Day 2

1. Ask the Experts – Quality Improvement, Engaging patients and improving care. Click here

Featuring: Robyn Lange – Physio, Katherine Stern – Dietitian, Robyn Beach – Nurse, Sue Lovelock – Fieldworker, Belinda Burnett (Facilitator)

2. Hands on Pari Workshop – Wieland Paul, Pari/Ebos. Click here

See presentation document:Hands on Pari Workshop

3. Transition/Empowering your child with CF – Coping with the change. Jan Tate – Paediatric Nurse, Cath Lamont – Adult Nurse. Click here

See presentation document: Empowering Change

4. Pracitcal Strategies for Picky Eaters & Salt – The real deal. Fiona Leighton – Dietitian, Linda Williams – Dietitian. Click here

See presentation document: Practical Strategies for Picky Eaters & Salt – the real deal

5. Vaughan Somerville – His Story (PWCF). Click here

6. Close of Conference – CFNZ Chief Executive, Belinda Burnett. Click here


Year 2013

2103 Australasian CF Conference videos are available from the CF Australia Youtube channel         


Year 2012

Alternative Therapies – Useful or Snake Oil? – Dr Julian Vyas, Starship Children’s Health
Patient & Family Advisory Groups – Lisa Borkus, Adult CF Representative CFANZ Board
Understanding Your Liver – Dr Rachel Harry, Liver Specialist, Auckland Hospital
Plenary Session: ICARE Programme – Dr Alexandra Quittner, Professor of Psychology & Paediatrics, Director, Child Division, University of Miami, Cooper Fellow
Finding Balance and Improving Quality of Life – Dr Alexandra Quittner
Understanding Organisms and Antibiotics – Dr Mirjana Jaksic, CF Paediatrician, Starship Children’s Health
Strategic Plan 2011 – What’s in it for you? – Jane Drumm, Chairperson CFANZ Board
Needle Phobia – Panel discussion: Jan Tate, CF Nurse Specialist Starship Children’s Health; Barbara MacKay, Play Therapist, Starship Children’s Health; and Tania Fawcett, CF Parent.
My Life: Travelling with CF – Toni Durant, CF Adult Representative to CFANZ Board
Osteoporosis – Dr Mark O’Carroll, Adult Chest Specialist, Auckland Hospital
Help! She Won’t Eat: How to make extra calories a way of life, for life – Lisa Guest, Dietitian, Auckland Hospital; Jenny Heyward, Dietitian, Starship Children’s Health.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Parenting – Nigel Latta, Clinical Psychologist and best-selling author
(DVD only)


Year 2011

Genetic Testing & Counselling – What does it all mean? – Alice Christian
Making Physio Fun For Your 5 – 12 year old – Hilaire O’Dea
Talking To Your Very Small Child About CF – Viv Isles & Megan Stodhart
What I Learned From The USA CF Foundation – Andrea Miller
Port CF – What Happens Now? – Kate Russell
CF Related Diabetes – the lead up, the diagnosis and the future – Dr Paul Hofman
Depression – How to recognise it and what we can do to help – Linda Karlin
CF At School – What to tell them and working with the teachers – Jan Tate
Why Is Her Treatment So Different From Mine? – Dr Cass Byrnes
Compliance – Turning Negotiation in a Given – Saly Carron, Jane Drumm & Dee Campbell
Caring For Your Sinuses – Dr Campbell Baguley
Inspiration for a Weary Soul – Jason Barrell (DVD only)
My Life – A frank look at life pre and post transplant – Jason Dellow
Organ Transplant – Dr Mark O’Carroll, Denise Reddy & Jason Dellow


Year 2010

Port CF and the Standards of Care Document – what can we learn from them? – Dr Cass Byrnes
The Role of Patient and Family Advisory Groups – could they work here? – Dr Craig Lapin
Quality Improvement in our Clinics – what’s possible? Dr Craig Lapin
Tweens, Teens, Contracts and Non-negotiables – Sue Madge
What Does Great Transition Look Like? – Sue Madge
Red Pill or Blue Pill – unplugging the matrix of parent / teen dependency – Stuart Fleming

Year 2009 

Sexuality and Reproductive Issues in CF – Anna Tsang
Research Update on Alginase – Professor Bob Elliott
Annual Assessment for Children with CF – Dr Cass Byrnes
Tripping Around  – travelling with kids with CF – Susan Biggar
My Epic Transplant Journey – Jonathon Fowler
Inhalation therapy and Physiotherapy – Rebecca Scoones
Patient and Family Centred Care – does it matter? – Susan Biggar 
From Active Manager to Coach Mentor – promoting independence in young adults – Dr Mark O’Carroll
When tough stuff happens- Tricia Irving-Hendry
The Bronchealveolar Lavage Study – Dr Cass Byrnes
Medical technology – how does it impact on families of children with CF? – Catherine Lambe
CF – What do teenagers really know?- Jan Tate
Practical Management of CFRD– Anna Tsang
Antibiotics – is overuse a problem in CF?- Dr Mark O’ Carroll Infection Control – protecting your kids without going over the top – Panel Discussion

Year 2008

Mucous, Microbes and Mysteries Part One – Pseudomonas Aeruginosa  
Mucous, Microbes and Mysteries Part two – Other Bugs  
Barriers to treatment Adherence and Strategies to improve it 
Building Sibling Resilience  
Purple Soup  
CF doesn’t come with an instruction manual  
How to I get them to eat without ruining dinner? Part One – Dr  Lori Stark  
How do I get them to eat without ruining dinner? Part Two – Dr Lori Stark
Pegs, Ports and Piccs  
Promoting Dietary Adherence for Children with CF – Dr Lori Stark  
So you dont think physio is important?  
So you have CF and want a baby? Where to from here?
The value of play therapy
Optimising your health at work and at play