Grants & Awards

Living with Cystic Fibrosis is hard, but despite their struggles people with CF achieve many things. There are times, however, when they can do with a helping hand.  We are here to help make life just a little bit easier with a range of grants and awards.  You will find details of each grant or award on this page along with details of how to apply for it.  This assistance has only been made possible by the generous donations and endowments from individuals and businesses alike.

Breath4CF Physical ActivityWelfare Grants, Education Grants (including Allied Health Education), Chris Howlett Endowment, and Mylan CF Achievers’ Awards.

Welfare Grants

Hospital Allowance
hospitalA $20 per day allowance towards costs is available to all CF patients on transfer from their base hospital, or when admitted to a hospital more that 100 km from their current residence.  This is available for a maximum of 14 days per admission. (Admissions for organ transplantation are included in Transplant Allowance, and have different criteria)

Applications should be made on the appropriate form, and should be sent to the National Office


The following four areas of assistance need to be applied for in writing, with relevant information and receipts provided.  However, if you prefer, initial enquiries / contact can be made through your local CF Fieldworker
lungs1 Organ Transplant Assistance Allowancehttp://cfnz.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Mark-Ashford-Scholarship-Form-Feb2017.pdf

This allowance is available to the patient to support parents, caregiver, or spouse/partner whilst patient is hospitalised during the transplant procedure and follow-up.

A total grant maximum of $3000 applies (with some conditions) for reimbursement of approved travel, accommodation and support expenses.

For more information about this allowance, please refer to our Transplant Allowance transplant-coverbrochure, or talk to our Northern Fieldworker – High Needs.

All applications for Transplant Assistance require the approval of one of the CF Fieldworkers, so direct your applications to your local representative.

Financial Hardship Assistance

This financial assistance is available to a CF Adult, parent or caregiver where major financial hardship is established, as a result of CF affecting their or their family’s lives.

All applications for Financial Hardship Assistance should be directed to your CF Fieldworkers.

Funeral Grants

A grant of $1000 is available to assist with the costs of the funeral of a person with Cystic Fibrosis, resident in New Zealand.  This is available to the parent, caregiver, spouse/partner, on application to the Association.

nz-mapAssistance from Regional CF Branches

Other welfare needs can often be met by the local branches of Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand, as they raise funds in their areas specifically to assist their members.  Please contact the CF Branch serving your area.

Education Grants

Mark Ashford Memorial Scholarship

The Mark Ashford Memorial Scholarship is the premier study award, a grant of $3000 to the recipient.PB_B_Pink_on_white

This award is funded by Tasman Insulation, manufacturers of Pink Batts, in memory of Mark Ashford, a person with CF who made a huge contribution to home health with his work on the Fletcher Group’s Healthy Homes book. The recipient will be selected from all grant applicants and will be chosen by CFNZ Chief Executive, CFNZ Administration Manager and approved by Mrs K Ashford and the General Manager Tasman Insulation.

Applications are open to any person with CF currently (within previous 12 months) studying at a tertiary level (including trade courses).


Allied Health Education Grants
healthcare-professionalsTo promote appropriate learning opportunities for CF Allied Health professionals, CFNZ provides assistance in the form of the Allied Health Education Grant to assist with costs of attending overseas conferences and learning opportunities.

There is a maximum pool of $2500 available to contribute to learning opportunities within the year.  Individual grants will not exceed $500.

Chris Howlett Endowment

chris-howlettThe Chris Howlett Endowment Fund provides for a once-only cash payment to 21-year-olds with Cystic Fibrosis.

The endowment fund was made possible by the Chris Howlett Trust which was established in 1991 to fund the medical and quality of life needs of 14-year-old Chris Howlett of Whangarei.  Chris and his family moved to London expecting that he would undergo a lifesaving triple organ transplant, but removal of an enlarged spleen brought a dramatic improvement and the transplants were not required. Sadly, Chris passed away five years later, in July 1996, age 19 years.

The CFNZ Board investigated ways of benefiting future young adults with CF, and decided to establish the Chris Howlett Endowment Fund.  The fund is managed with the aim of preserving the value of the capital sum and making cash payments from the interest to people with CF upon turning 21 years of age.

In 1998 the fund started by making payment of $500 to those people wiht CF who were already 18. During the last few years, this endowment has increased, and the age of endowment has been changed so that it now stands at $1700 for those turning 21.  There will be no “strings” attached as far as what the money is used for.  It is intended as a “helping hand” for the recipient.

When recent changes to the age of endowment were made, allowance was included for those between 18 and 21 years, with a special project, to apply for the funds in advance.  This application should be directed to the Administration Manager, who will forward it to the CFNZ Board for assessment.

To qualify for this endowment you must have symptomatic Cystic Fibrosis, be a New Zealand Resident, be 21 years of age, and be registered as a member of the Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand.

Key points about the Endowment Fund:

  • People with CF may register with CFNZ before turning 21, but may register anytime before their 22nd birthday – at which date their eligibility will cease.
  • The Chris Howlett Endowment Fund money is maintained in a managed fund with the aim of maximising the investment return consistent with security of investment.  The level of payment made each year will be decided by the CFNZ Board, taking into account the need to preserve the value of the capital sum, the number of payments projected to be made, and the available funds.

You can register by completing the Chris Howlett Endowment registration form and mailing or emailing it to the Administration Manager at admin@cfnz.org.nz, Auckland Office.

CF Achievers’ Awardsmylan_logoCMYK

The Cystic Fibrosis Achievers’ Awards are sponsored by Mylan, distributors of Creon products.

The awards are made annually to persons with Cystic Fibrosis as recognition of their optimism, perseverance, and achievement in a wide range of endeavours.

Anyone with CF, who is a New Zealand resident, is eligible to apply or be nominated for an award.

Applications close 1 April each year, and the award categories are:

  • Leadership
  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Education

Awards will be between $250 and $2500 at the discretion of the Board of Reference.

The recipient of an award is ineligible for further awards in the same category, but may apply for an award in a different category after a period of two years.

Application forms are available from the National Office, or your local CF branch or can be downloaded here: