Lung transplantation may be an option for people with advanced lung disease caused by CF. Your CF specialist will decide if you may be assessed for transplantation.

Numerous tests are carried out to ensure that the patient is suitable for receiving a transplant, including clinical and laboratory tests both physical and psycho-social to determine suitability.

In New Zealand once a patient has been assessed as eligible they are placed on a ‘waiting list’ for suitable donor organs.

After transplant the new lungs do not have and will not develop CF, but the patient’s body still has CF in all other aspects such as sweat glands, pancreas, sinuses and reproductive organs. The patient will still need to take their usual medications for nutrition and any other complications as well as anti-rejection medications.

For those people considering the transplant process the CFNZ library has a number of publications that provide good quality information, and some publications that chronicle the personal journeys of people going through the transplant process.