Q & A With Auckland Adult Services Team

Access to equipment

Auckland Branch provides all physio and nebulisers for adult PWCF in Auckland. PWCF should talk with the CF nurse specialist and/or the physio or the CFNZ Fieldworker if they have an equipment query.

Hospital Admissions – The following are some queries by Adults with CF.

When having an admission in hospital if the PWCF has issues with their room who should they be complaining to?

The charge nurse would be the one to speak with.

What is the protocol around washing physio equipment in the hand basins – where everyone is washing their hands and some people may be doing their sinus rinses?

The best practice would be to bring click-clack containers (or similar) in to the hospital to wash in the containers and dry on the ledge (hopefully in the sun!)

Are there guidelines (especially useful if it is a first admission post transition) about the ward and how things are done?

Currently – no but this is a good idea. CF Nurse Specialist will work on a ‘one-pager’ resource for AWCF coming to hospital covering: What to bring? What to do on arrival? What to expect? Who to contact? Explain about replacement of tubing, pack (brown paper bag of goodies) fridges, exercycle use etc.

How to deal with an inappropriate manner/procedures in hospital? For example, failing to wash hands

The charge nurse is the one to speak with. If an AWCF feels uncomfortable about raising an issue of concern/complaint with the charge nurse themselves that they are welcome to speak with their Doctor and have confidence that their Doctor would raise issue on their behalf.

Medical Certificates

What is the process for PWCF to follow re obtaining a medical certificate for an admission or for missing work due to being unwell? Can they be sought from their GP?  

The team explained that Cath is the person to contact for a medical certificate. A medical certificate from the CF team would be for CF related illness/admissions. Usually a certificate would be given if there was intervention for the period of illness e.g. admission, antibiotics. The team believes a GP would not be willing to write a medical certificate for work/study absence for CF related issues.

System for Admission

What is the assessment procedure if a PWCF is feeling very unwell?

The team shared that if AWCF feel that an admission is needed they can either contact the CF Nurse Specialist or go to ER directly. An over the phone assessment is not always easy. The CF Nurse Specialist relies on AWCF providing thorough details of their symptoms. If an admission is not felt necessary at first contact it does not mean that the PWCF cannot call back to the CF Nurse Specialist and express “no improvement” or “I’m getting worse and need to come in.” they can even text- if the CF Nurse Specialist is not able to answer the phone at the time the PWCF calls she will always follow up a text message.                 

It was felt that this is an area where AWCF need empowerment to speak up if they feel their health is declining in some way.