Living With Cystic Fibrosis

Like any chronic condition, CF has a major effect on a person’s life.  Most people with CF still manage to live a normal life, but it involves more procedures and more planning and routine than the lives of non-CF people. Children with CF grow up, go to school, have friends, hobbies and play sport.  Many go to university, get a job, marry and have a family. The people with CF who manage best are those who were raised with the same expectations and rules as other children. Children with CF should learn to take over managing their own care, bit by bit, so that they are ready to develop an independent lifestyle, just like their peers.

There will be problems along the way as CF can cause social, emotional and psychological disruptions.  It is important to recognise that all these feelings are normal, and to identify the problem and work through it with the appropriate people: your CF team or family and friends. Talk to your CF Fieldworker about resources available to assist you.

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