Annual Reviews At Starship

By Jan Tate, CF Nurse Specialist

Annual reviews are routinely done around your child’s / young person’s birthday month. There are a few tests that need to be done – a chest x-ray, Blood tests, abdominal ultrasound (every 3yrs until 12yr of age and then annually), Oral glucose tolerance testing (annually from 10 years of age), DEXA or Bone Density scans (every 2yrs from 12yrs of age) and Lung Functions that are done in the “Box” in the Respiratory Lab.

I encourage families to bring the children in a couple of weeks before their annual review appointment to have these tests done. This makes it easier on the day of the clinic appointment as it is less stressful for everyone and the results will be available to discuss with the team and the child / young person. I also like the dietician and myself to review them at this time as well to give more time to review and answer any questions you may have.